Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Facebook, Skype and Twitter Apps on the New Windows Phone 8

Recently Microsoft Corporation released their very first Windows Phone 8 and already app makers offer a whopping 120,000 apps compatible with the device. This is the total number of apps, by the way, coming from various groups and individuals riding along the trending band wagon. Apps are what makes the already awesome smartphone into something more, something incredible and without which the smartphone industry would perish. Microsoft also reported that 46 out of the top 50 apps corresponds to iOS and Android platforms and is readily available for the Windows Phone 8 itself. The top 3 apps that Microsoft included in their new phone are Skype, Facebook and Twitter and they’ve also made the integration more seamless. So it’s gonna be like you’re facebooking on desktop or laptop computer when in fact you’re using the Windows Phone 8.

Facebook updates and photos can viewed from the lock screen and the average loading time for the site is even faster than the previous versions. You can also tile your facebook photos on the lockscreen for better customization. The Twitter app also has a notification system that instantly notifies you from the lockscreen so you’ll know right away who tweeted what. Never has accessing important apps this easy! The Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is by far the best smartphone when it comes to network integration.

Now here’s the best part that I’ve been saving for last – the Skype app always remains on on the Windows Phone 8, so you’ll never have to type in your log-in details or log out from it. You simply wait for someone to call you and you will have a real-time view of the person contacting you through the front camera of the phone. It’s instant video calling with the Skype app on the Windows Phone 8, no more messy unlocking of the screen, no hassles, just press the Skype key on the LCD and you’re good to go! By the way Microsoft paid $8.5 billion USD to absorb Skype into its corporate infrastructure and thank God they did, because they’re doing a very good job with it right now. Another interesting feature of the Skype app is that it automatically adds your contacts to its contacts list which makes it easier to call them via Skype.

Here’s a video about the Skype app on the Windows Phone 8:

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