Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 5 Smartphones in 2012

As the smartphone “rat race” comes to an end this year we take a step back and see which brands has by far impressed customers the most. This year 2012 has been particularly an interesting one because a lot of companies capitalizing in the smartphone industry were expected to deliver their best devices that has never before been achieved in mobile phone technology. Things that were once difficult - if not impossible to achieve - are now a common feature in most products to a point where it already bores the customers who are constantly expecting something new and remarkable in these devices. This paradox has only forged the already stiff competiton between manufacturers even further. Here are the top 5 smartphones that had the most sales record in 2012:

1.  Apple iPhone 5 – Apple’s newest baby, the iPhone 5 still sits at the top of the smartphone industry with over 31% market share. Apple truly has become America’s juggernaut company that stomps any competition with each new product release.
2.    Samsung Galaxy S3 – this South Korea-based company has belched out fire from its bossom with new “kick-ass” products such as the Galaxy S series of smartphones, tabs, and pads that it usually trade places with Apple on the number one spot in product sales on a quarterly basis. It is on par with most of Apple’s products when it comes to hardware specs and features that it makes it hard to put it on a spot lower than Apple in rankings. Had it not been for Apple’s strong quarterly sales these two brands would be sitting right next to each other on the top 5 charts claiming the number 1 spot at the same time.
3.    HTC One X – Taiwanese smartphone company, HTC also released their HTC One X smartphone late this year and is by far the most impressive HTC product yet. But while it does fairly well performance-wise most customers are not very impressed with its design (hardware specs) and its screen layout. Perhaps HTC should do better next year.
4.    LG Optimus G - here is another South Korean smartphone brand that’s considered as the underdog in the smartphone industry, while Apple and Samsung domintes this arena, LG is catching up fast behind the two. The LG Optimus G sports a quad core processor just to give you a little “head’s up” in this game where processing speed can shift the tide of wanting customers – LG has got it made!
5.  Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD – the lack of tweaking in this phone’s camera makes it less than likable to customers, because it doesn’t produce high quality images every time you take a snapshot or video recording. But other than that this phone is loaded with great features and a competitive price for a U.S.-based manufacturer.
That tops our list! What is your top 5 picks for the best smartphones this year? I see Apple and Samsung continue their epic competition for supremacy in the industry next year 2013, but I could only guess what they have in store for us – another impressive innovation no doubt. Until then enjoy the best of what you have right now.

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