Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Experts say that the U.S. economy, which is essentially the corner stone of the world’s economy, won’t get back on its feet until 2018 or so. How ironic just a decade ago we measured our progress in lightspeed and now after the fall of our money markets we’re measuring our much needed progress in decades. It’s almost as if the 2009 recession knocked us back into the stone age, but thanks to the internet we found ways to mitigate this problem. So now allow me to share with you my personal experience about working online and how big an impact it has made on people’s lives and how they work.

1.) Web Designing – the average website design fee that most web designers charge their clients is between $400 to $1,000. The internet is a very huge market with opportunities popping up almost every minute, so even if you’re going to take a web designing course now you’ll still have plenty of opportunities in web designing along the way. Being a web designer is one of the most prolific ways to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per week.
2.) Blog & Article Writing – earn as much as $10 or more for every hour you create a blog or article or even web content in sites like oDesk, People Per Hour, Elance and other hosting sites. So if you have the passion and skill for writing then go freelance and write for websites that needs content.
3.) Web and Apps Programming – Andriod and iTunes apps as well as free downloadable apps from many websites will continually require the skills of an expert programmer. So if you think you’re best suited for this kind of work then go online and find tons of opportunities in line with this job. You can double or even triple your monthly earnings and you’ll be flexible with your schedule, meaning you’ll be in control of your time always.
4.) Graphics & Logo Designing – perhaps one of the easiest jobs online is graphics designing and logo designing. My friend earns between $150 - $300 per logo design and sometimes he wins 2 to 3 bids per month and he lives here in the Philippines! Just imagine how much money is that! I’d say that’s also big even for U.S. standards when it comes to salaries and wages for ordinary workers who are trying to make a living.
5.) Customer Service, Sales and Marketing – if you also have customer service, sales or marketing experience you can also offer it to companies who are hiring people with such skills on freelance/contractual basis. Some companies offer commissions for every sale you make on top of a fixed rate salary and you don’t have to work from 8am to 5pm as usual because it’s freelance work.

Surely you must have skills on at least 1 of these categories or if not, then you could learn it in  a matter of months and be off to a new start with amazingly rewarding jobs online. Take a break whenever you want and go on vacation whenever you like you have all the money, the time and the means to do so. Enjoy working online!


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