Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What’s Your Higher Calling?

Every once in a while we are confronted with what we have to do with our lives. Do we let it waste away as the streams of time flow through us? Do we join some irrelevant cause just so we could somehow create an identity for ourselves? Do we go out and search for the truth in whatever form they may be in? Or do we embark on a journey in search for our souls? This seems all so confusing isn’t it? But whether you like it or not we will always be bound by certain desires even those who want to live a simple life still “desires” the simple way of life – it is an inescapable truth about us human beings.

Some people like money and power and they become the elite class of our society and you will find them having most control of the basic systems of our social architecture. While others love to teach and gain more knowledge and wisdom as they spend their lives sparingly. Some pursue spiritual and philosophical truths and dedicate their lives to God or a certain set of ideals and live with a code of conduct. Still others want a simple life, a family, the love and attention from the individuals that make up their own small world.

While the pursuit of money and power is inherently unpopular and some even think that it causes the whole lot of evil in the world, it is not entirely bad. After all most our leaders are both rich and powerful it just comes with the territory; however, it is what people with money and power choose what to do with what they have determines the results of their actions and at times the consequences that we all pay for. Sometimes their actions become beneficial and sometimes it creates the horror that was known as the holocaust. Ironically we too have no power over free will be it ours or somebody else’s and if the few can be a menace to society the same can be said about the many who can turn into a mob and wantonly destroy everything in their path. The Vikings are one of the obvious examples of this fact.

For me I’ve always followed the path of knowledge and wisdom over other things that I have the opportunity pursuing. It is the most difficult yet the most fulfilling calling that anyone can pursue and even if one were to dedicate his or her entire life on account of such a desire, it would be a life not wasted even for a single moment. Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi and many others have chosen the path of peace when they had the power to wield a sword and amass their armies to crush the oppression of the powers that be. It is a noble cause that no matter how the world will turn upside down people will always realize that inner peace is the highest calling.

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