Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6 Great Golf Swing Tips to Develop your Swing Tactics

I always advocated the idea of following basic fundamental golfing movements, I thought that all the shots should be kept as simple as possible – this is the Golf Swing Tips I often give to players. And now that I’ve made it clear that I teach golf players based on instincts I hope that this will help you understand better as to why I’m emphasizing this point that I’ve made. Playing golf is not an easy sport.

First let’s talk about the waggle. The waggle is an imaginary swing, sort of something like testing your swing where you get to make the necessary adjustments before making the actual golf swing. One of the basic Golf Swing Tips is to instinctively feel the swing in your waggle, you may factor in all the swing mechanics and calculations but in the end you’ll have to use your sense of touch to make your Perfect Golf Swing work out.

This instinctive movements or controlling feeling can only be attained by repeating the swing position and adjusting your stance with the initial back swing. Unfortunately, despite the advancements in medical science we are unable to determine how this works, and for lack of a better explanation we only call it the “instinctive sensory control movement.” My guess is that it’s a combination of our senses and brain processing that ultimately leads to the perfection of muscle control; which allows for the down swing and the backward break to be executed with finesse. Furthermore, while doing the waggle it is advisable for the player not to be distracted by his surroundings as he needs to concentrate on his swing. That’s one more fundamental Golf Swing Tips for you.

This is exactly the reason why I insist that from the full drive to the putt of every shot, has to be done in the same style of execution, it’s basically what I teach, preach and practice in all the Golf Swing Tips that I give. However, the movement in the drive is done more aggressively and with more power when compared to the shorter shots; still in the fundamental of Golf Swing Tips they are basically the same. The outcome can be viewed as swinging your golf club back and forth to an imaginary golf ball or what is called the “in-to-out” feeling (choosing one from among your golf clubs would help out if you feel that it’s the best one for you). You’ll be setting up a swing pattern where you’ll retrace it later on once you’re ready to hit the actual golf ball. This is where the Golf Swing Tips come in once again – practice makes perfect.

Dissecting the "in-to-out" of the Perfect Golf Swing I was able to teach certain shots that I’d like to call cut pulled under and across the ball, which are the only “sections” that can be taught separately in golf.

However, 99% of the time in every shot made, the most important thing to do is the proper execution of the swing. Here are some of the Golf Swing Tips essential to the swing:

1. Keep your body’s central axis fixed as your upper body swings from right to left in a pivot. This is to ensure that the path of your golf club is at the right angle and curve.

2. Throughout the execution of the swing (e.g. back swing, down swing and the follow through) remember to keep your arms outstretched.

3. Your wrist should only “break” or bend backwards after the follow through when your arms rest at your left shoulder (this is also known as the backward break).

4. Delay hitting the golf ball exactly 10° off center from the middle cut between the down swing and the follow through. This is the crucial part of the Golf Swing Tips because it determines where the ball will land.

5. Do not tighten your arms muscles as it is the most reactive part in your body during the swing.

6. Coordinate your mind and body while executing the swing, both must function as one, also feel your swing instead of estimating it.

In some ways the last of the Golf Swing Tips is the one you should consider the most. Think of the swing execution as a part of your own body hitting the golf ball and the golf club is as much a part of your body as your arms and legs are. There can be no individual parts in a Perfect Golf Swing.

It would be safe to say that you could lose the game if you will not adhere to these Golf Swing Tips. Of course there are dozens of techniques that could be as potent as these six essential Golf Swing Tips; however, I am confident that if you make these 6 crucial Golf Swing Tips as the core of your golfing strategy then the game will always go towards your favor each time you play.

But keep in mind these core Golf Swing Tips will not grow into your system just like that. This is because it will take years to master feeling your swing/shot, unless of course your instructor also focuses on this type of technique. Feeling your feet firmly planted and spaced rightly before the golf ball, distributing your weight evenly between your feet is what you will notice when you’ve mastered this technique from the Golf Swing Tips that I mentioned above.

Another thing to consider is the waggle. The waggle is basically the “practice movements” that you do in order to get a feel of what it’s like when hitting the real golf ball. One could write an entire book about the waggle. This move involves your body and the club head like counterweights, where the two moves in a swinging motion non-stop and fluidly. The waggle helps a lot when teeing off the golf ball on your shots.

The waggle is to prepare you for the actual swing and in the actual swing you don’t check your posture to see if you’re doing it right. There are four key points (adding to the previous 6 Golf Swing Tips already mentioned) to master and all are equally important to the other! These are: (1) Your feet and shoulders must have coordinated movements at the top of the pivot and your arms must still complete the curve upwards. (2) At the end of your swing is also when the body stops its motion. (3) As you retract your arms make sure that your wrists are still in a backward break position, and (4) When your wrists are in a backward break position then you can get out of the swinging position and relax. The waggle can also be considered as among the important Golf Swing Tips.

Using your five senses and intuition you’ll have to stop thinking about how your shots will end up, you’ll need to focus on the ball and the target – your goal is to reach that target. You will have to teach your mind and your muscles of the exact moves that makes a Perfect Golf Swing, and you do this by first repeating the action physically then repeating it mentally; once this has been embedded in your brain it will not matter what your mood set is because you will make that swing and you will score that hole. This kind of golf tactic in the numerous Golf Swing Tips you may have heard goes beyond your mental state, it’s like having a backup disc in your brain where you only utilize it for this purpose.

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