Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Golf Footwear Preference – How to Identify the Perfect Golf Shoes

The problem with finding the right fit for a golf shoes is that they don’t always fit perfectly, and you’ll get blisters after wearing them in an 18-hole golf tournament. It will seriously mess up your concentration, aim and just about everything else. You wouldn’t want to lose an entire tourney just because of crappy shoes that bites into the skin of your foot now do you? Of course not! It’s not exactly easy finding the perfect pair of golf shoes but here are some information from well-accepted companies that make golf shoes that fits.

1.) FootJoy – for your consideration, the FJ SPORT from FootJoy is among the best golf shoes that I would recommend and I’m sure many others would as well. Have you seen what Matteo Mannassero, Rory Mcllroy and Adam Scott has been wearing in the PGA lately? That’s right! They’re all wearing the FJ SPORT and in case you’re wondering why, then check out its specs. Its full grain leather exterior provides breathable support on your ankles and excellent comfort too! It comes in two fitting option which are the adjustable fit and the BOA L4 lacing system, plus FootJoy’s trademark ProofGuard membrane technology essentially makes it waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

2.) TRUE – while other golf shoe manufacturers prefer the leather-bound golf shoes, TRUE tried something different and completely went on a different direction. Their golf shoes are more like Nike’s sports or basketball shoes and they boast that the comfort of wearing these things is as much as wearing slippers. It is true indeed! It’s no wonder the younger generation of golfers prefer it over leather golf shoes. The insoles of the TRUE golf shoes provides excellent cushion and fit while the grip on the outsoles is also great, despite it not having any golf spikes. The real challenge is when you find yourself inside the sand trap, because most golfers who wear TRUE golf shoes agree – they always make it out of there with little to no hassles.

3.) Adidas – I’d have to say that the Tour360 ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) of Adidas is the be-all and end-all in golf shoes! Even if you compare it to other golf shoes it would still stand out among the rest, and you don’t need a golf guide on how to select the perfect golf shoes because it looks and feels comfortable. Now what makes it comfortable to wear is the real ticker.

First let us look at the comfort technology applied in its design. Like many comfortable golf shoes the Tour360 ATV also incorporates the full-grain leather skin cover – it the most preferred material because it eliminates any possibility of you having to deal with blisters from wearing shoes that are made of iron. It is lightweight and is adjusted to stick closer to the ground, which is excellent when you’re making the golf swing. The Adidas Tour360 ATV costs $190 per pair but it’s absolutely worth it when it can enhance your performance and give you maximum comfort.

4.) Ecco – here comes another contender in claiming to have made the perfect golf shoes, and indeed ECCO does live to its reputation. Their combination of 3mm outsole, golf spikes and Hydromax waterproof leather makes their golf shoes also an excellent choice.

5.) Kikkor – Kikkor’s Diacon Embedded Spike System or DESS provides excellent traction on most terrains and the overall design is so retro that you will mistake it for a skateboard shoes or something similar. It’s much cheaper than the other ones included in this list but it does give you what it promises – great comfort footwear.

Now take your pick as each one truly does deliver great quality comfort in golf shoes, and while they may be quite expensive sometimes, you mustn’t trade comfort for style. Comfort is still an absolute necessity in golf shoes as it can be a critical factor in your game.

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