Thursday, April 25, 2013

Increase Sales Using Professionally Designed Marketing Materials

Get More Clients to your Child-Themed Business

Starting out a business can be tough but even tougher is how to maintain it, that’s why you need to learn excellent marketing techniques and keep up with the trend just to keep your business afloat. Now let’s just say that you’re into the business about children’s welfare (i.e. you own a daycare center, a children’s playground, a children’s store etc.) naturally all of your marketing strategy is centered around the idea on how to keep children satisfied and productive. Parents will not only want their kids to be in good care but will learn a thing or two by their babysitters as well. Using professionally designed marketing materials such as logos, brochures, signage or even a website is the starting point on how you attract customers into your business.

Some marketing ideas
According to marketing expert Mari Smith about 70-80% of an effective marketing strategy has to do with visual presentation. This means that people in general are likely to be interested in products or services through the use of static ads and other visual media. Kids primarily are absorbing information through their visual cognitive mind and if you’re running a child-themed business, then you would want more pictures, colors and dozens of familiar characters that they can relate with. You could sell printed T-shirts that bears the image of their favorite superhero character on it, or sell mugs, toys, coloring books, comic books, fairy tale books, etc. You could also put up a colorful company logo or store name with a panaflex background to make your store stand out.

Strategically place photos and images on your website that will attract both parents and children alike. It will be slightly different when marketing your children’s website because it is really the parents that pick which site is good for their kids, so you may want to appeal to them first. Although you won’t have to make your homepage adult-oriented, just have it done professionally and still centered on the interests of children. Using synthetic or decal or any other special paper for advertising and name branding would be great too!


Design concepts
When designing the logo, brochure, signage or homepage of your business, especially one that would cater to kids, you have to make sure that the overall design resonates with the mission, vision and goals of your company. So for instance you’re running a daycare center then your logo should say everything about your business with 3-5 images fused together in it. You can also put up 3x5 foot tarpaulin ads on the glass windows of your facility so that people will know that your building is a daycare center. Hiring a professional graphic designer is amenable but if you are skilled in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw then you can design your own logos and images conveniently – minus all the hassle of having have to pay someone else to do it for you.

Get the word out
Part of your marketing strategy is to spread the news about your business and you can do that using newspaper classified ads, TV, radio, magazine ads, direct mail marketing, email marketing or doing SEO (search engine optimization) if you’re going to advertise a website. Basically you will notice that almost all of these methods will require an image or two to accompany them while you will advertise on a certain medium. Once again using a professionally design logo or name brand image will absolutely help propel your marketing campaign further.

Get customer feedback
One way to know if you’re product or service or for that matter your marketing strategy is working is by examining customer feedback. Having a Facebook fan page or a Twitter page where your customers could follow you can give you honest and real-time information on how customers feel about your company. This is because the atmosphere in social media sites is not a company-subsidized webpage, the use of it is free and people can voice out their thoughts about anything without being paid to say them or be harassed because of it. Customer feedback can help you fine tune not only your marketing strategy but the way you do business with your clients as well. You can also conduct surveys on your followers, fans and customers to get the information you need in order to improve your business.

Fine tuning your marketing strategy
As we have previously discussed above customer feedback and other metrics about your business can help you fine tune your marketing strategy to further attract customers. Of course having a professionally designed marketing materials will never fall out of place in your marketing strategy, because it is only the approach of your marketing campaign that you will have to change. You can be sure that you will be able to maintain your business and even more so increase sales and customer attraction through the use of professionally designed marketing materials.

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