Friday, June 21, 2013

Lesser known Land Animals

You probably know quite a few animals that live on this planet especially since most of them are featured on the National Geographic and Discovery channels, but aside from the Lion and the Elephant did you that there are also other very interesting hardly known land animals? Below you will find rare land animals that we’ve compiled for your reading pleasure:

1.)  Caracal – also known as the desert lynx, this mythical-like creature is actually a wild cat and has vast populations residing in the regions of North Africa, Central Asia and Southwest Asia. The one unique feature about this felid is that it has pointy ears with protruding black fur on the tip of the ears.

2.)  Okapi – the only living relative of the Giraffe according to biologist, the Okapi had appeared in wall reliefs, ancient depictions on hieroglyphs and other jar paintings in ancient Egypt and other North African tribes. The Okapi falls under the category of several unknown terrestrial animals and like the Giraffe it has a long bluish-gray tongue that is effective in cleaning its nostrils, eyes and ears.

3.)  Aye-Aye – a rare strepsirrhine primate (lemur) that can only be found in the island of Madagascar. Among the lesser known land animals the Aye-Aye has similar abilities with a woodpecker in order to catch its prey, which are the grubs. It is also one of the largest nocturnal mammals known to man.

4.)  Jaguarundi – dubbed as the eyra cat, the Jagaurundi is the closest relative of the mountain lion (genetically) and is one of the smaller family of Pumas. However, unlike the mountain lions they are relatively harmless unless they are threatened. These hardly known land animals can be found across Central and South America, but because they are nocturnal creatures they are rarely seen as well.

5.)  Proboscis monkey – a native of Borneo and some parts of South East Asia has rather a peculiar nose and a big belly. While not yet included in the endangered species list this rare monkey is indeed among the lesser known land animals that inspire awe and sometimes laughter.

6.)  Scimitar Oryx – also known as the Sahara Oryx this beautiful land animal is not only counted among the rare land animals but is also in the most endangered species as it is now extinct in the wild and most of the remaining species lives in captivity. They are a native of the Northern African region but were hunted down to extinction by poachers. They look like the Antelopes but have longer pointy horns and basically have the appearance of a goat, except they are bigger.

It pays to learn about these unknown terrestrial animals even if you are not a biologist or zoologist and truth be told we, all of us, are in some ways responsible for taking care of such endangered and hardly known land animals also. One important thing that you need to understand that all of these rare land animals help keep the individual habitats and ecosystem stable, thus keeping the entire global ecosystem balanced. If we’ll keep killing them or just stand by and watch others sacrifice these land animals for profits or self-gain, then we may wonder one day why things are not the same anymore.

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