Thursday, November 7, 2013

3 Reasons Not to Buy Earth Friendly Toner Products

Yes, you read it right! Are you tired of listening to ads convincing you how very useful their goods are? Are you fed up of an endless list of advantages you can get when you purchase their products that seem too good to be true? For a change, I will try to attempt persuading you on 3 reasons why you should NOT buy eco plus cartridges of earth friendly toner. Let me count the ways.

Reason 1: If you have a lot of cash and you don’t bother throwing some of it, then eco plus cartridges is not for you. With earth friendly toner products, you get to save cash around 25% to 70% over the cost of the cartridges that are made by the company that manufactured your printer. This saves you a huge deal of money for your printer ink needs. Whether you are running a company or simply an individual in need of printer inks for personal consumption, saving money will indeed go a long way. Let me compute that for you. Hypothetically, if you buy a Brother LC51 cartridge from another manufacturer that costs $4.99 per ink cartridge and you consume- say- 10 ink cartridges in a week, then that will cost you approximately $49.90 per week. How about when we compute it for a year? So, that’s $49.90 X 52 weeks/year equals $2,594.80 excluding cost of shipping. However with Earth Friendly Toner products, it offers a Value Pack for Brother LC51 with 10 premium compatible cartridges that only cost you $44.99. In a year, you only get to spend $2,339.48, therefore that’s $255.32 less of the total expenses compared to the previous item. It’s a win-win situation here!

Reason 2: If you are easily swayed with BRAND NAMES and frequent commercial exposures in television that serves as your basis for quality printer inks, then go on. Be one of them! Earth Friendly Toner realizes the burden of buying an airtime to endorse our products and later sacrifice either the quality or the price. We take pride on our integrity and commitment to serve our customers treating them as unique individuals with diverse needs and catering to these needs with a friendly approach and mutually-healthy relationship in order to serve you better. Supplying America with Ink and Toner for over 17 years, we can absolutely say that we are doing a good job to offer the word “Quality” that you ultimately deserve. Go on, asks our clients. They will tell you the truth.

Reason 3: If you feel environmental degradation, climate change and pollution is not your problem, then look for another planet. This sounds exaggerated but the issue on our environment is without a doubt a serious matter. Unpredictable weather, melting of polar ice caps and pollution that slowly depletes and diminishes our natural resources; it is time to take a stand. In small ways, you can do something. Earth Friendly Toner is right beside you in this noble task. When you buy eco plus cartridges, you reduce Carbon Dioxide emission when new cartridges are manufactured, you reduce litter, you minimize global contamination of oceans, and you protect landfills. Think of it this way, when you buy eco plus cartridges, you not only satisfy your own needs, but you also help the environment. And when you convince other people to buy our products, you increase the positive impact or recycling. Buying Ink and Toner Products never have been this good.

So, I guess this is practically the only reasons I could think of on why you should not buy earth friendly toner products. Was I successful? 


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