Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amazon to Launch an Android-Based Gaming Console on Black Friday

The rumor mill is at it again and it’s grinding ever more harder than in the recent months only to give us some tidbits of “allegedly” leaked inside information from a mole at Amazon. CNET and a lot of tech-based news websites seems to think that this news is legit as already they have been publishing news about the possibility that Amazon might launch a new kind of gaming console that will rival Apple TV, Chromecast, GameStick and Ouya. But Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are the least bit worried over this even if Amazon’s set-top box version is a cross-between of the hardcore gamers’ gaming console and the faggot Apple TV.

Nevertheless, the fact that Amazon decided their console to be Android-based and that it would be for sale to the public by November makes it newsworthy and has got gamers and techies all hyped up for its release. What kind of graphics can we expect? Will it be as good as Sony’s PlayStation yet at the same time give people unlimited access to movies and music? Or will it be as boring as playing Farmville on your 40-inch plasma TV? Only time will tell but it is doubtful that Amazon will disappoint its patrons, especially on Black Friday which is essentially the kickstarter of the holiday sales in America.

It would be nice if Intel or AMD come aboard Amazon’s set-top box project and provide their kick-ass processors to power the gaming console. While ATI and other companies that specialize in computer graphics will also provide their ingenuity in bringing about this amazing device.

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