Thursday, November 7, 2013

Four Best Tips on Time Management for Working and Stay at Home Mothers

Stay at home moms who are making a living by working online as a freelancer may seem to live the best lifestyles that anyone could imagine; however, this isn’t exactly the case. Even mothers who only have one kid at home will have trouble keeping up with their jobs and taking care of their child. As a result some of them are forced to refuse extra jobs that could increase their earnings just to make time for their kids. But did you know that you can actually manage your time effectively in order to maximize your daily work output and get the best pays?

Here are 4 best tips that you can use to accomplish this:

Tip #1. 

Create or formulate a reliable timetable/schedule.  You need this so you will know when it is time for school, for meals, for naps, for chores, for work, and for many more stuff a mother needs to do on time. One very important thing you might need to have is a personal planner.  You could download a personal planner app or just buy the real one down the store.  It wouldn’t cost you much and it is very sure that it will help you in your day to day life only if you use it properly. When holidays come or significant times come, it is important that you update or change your personal planner.  When times like back to school, winter, summer, etc. come, you should never forget to immediately start thinking about changes you want to pursue.  You could either set goals or modify your concerns in the house.

Tip #2. 

Identify the things or activities that waste your time.  Try eliminating or, at least, minimizing one or more of them.  Every person in the world is guilty of this.  It could be your daily chatting with your friends, your TV, or even your cell phone. In this generation, it could be your Facebook or Twitter account that’s taking most of your time.  It is definitely better to quit or minimize a simple routine that you’ve been doing since about years or so rather than realize in the future that you could’ve done way more better stuff to do than doing those things that could be set aside.  It is difficult and tempting, but it is worth the effort in the end.

Tip #3. 

Always make time for your children; never forget that. You should come to understand that a child is very needy and emotional.  Some of the major or minor mistakes you make in front of them will be stored in their memory until they grow up. You do not want your child to be rebellious or lacking attention when he/she grows up. Sometimes, mothers seem to be too preoccupied with the errands, work, and other important stuff they’re doing, but you should never forget that there is your child out there wanting and needing time from you alone.  Try setting aside those errands for a while and give your child a chance to spend time with you.  Once the child feels or sees that his/her mom spent time with him/her, you could go back to what you’re doing. 

Tip #4. 

Reward yourself!  All mothers have a hard job inside the house and sometimes also outside the house.  Mothers should be given credit for being super women. At the end of the day, sit down and think about what you’ve done for the whole day. You might have done it for many times, but if you come to think about it, you could actually congratulate yourself for doing a lot.  Never forget about yourself or else you’ll go nuts.  Take a nap, go shopping, go out with friends if you want, etc.  You’re still a person, not a robot.  Enjoy the rest of the day and treat yourself.  You know you deserve it.

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