Monday, April 7, 2014

The Power of Hugging

Ever wonder why we feel very comfortable when someone close to our hearts or even someone we only knew a few days ago gives a soothing feeling when they hug us? When we feel a sudden excitement, we usually hug someone near us unexpectedly, when we feel so down, hugs can change everything.

Even in our sleep, study shows that when a person sleep without hugging any pillows or stuff, that person usually doesn’t worry eighty percent of his day. When you sleep surrounded by lots of pillows, you want to fit-in a crowd and be happy. And lastly, when someone hug just one pillow, that person is missing someone and wishing that, that pillow is him.

It is just sad that not all things in this world can give us happiness, is always giving us happiness. Sometimes, we really need to understand the gesture someone is giving us. What it meant and why he or she is doing it.

When we research about kind and meanings of hugs, internet and books will give us a lot of answers. Meaning of hugs depends usually on how long the hug was, if it’s just a quick and polite hug and last for about 5 seconds, it’s just a “polite hug”. When someone embraces you and leans his head above your shoulder and put his hands around your waist, that’s what I like to call “your mine” hug. And by the way, patting in the back to someone you love is a NO! NO! For your information, hugging with a patting in the back means a non-romantic hug.

In the office, some colleagues also hug fellow colleagues with a non-romantic meaning. When a fellow office mate hugs you with a gentle squeeze and a light pat on the back, he or she is just encouraging you. With a semi-close hug with excitement and movement while jumping in circle is just a hug of joy.

In addition, I want to share also what I just heard, psychological facts about hugs also is, when you embrace someone more that 15 seconds, you really like that person. They said that the brain produces a chemistry that make the other person feel comfortable of the hug that the person is giving. So when you receive a hug with that said time and more importantly to someone you cherish, you’re a lucky girl.


Science also has to say about hugging. According to Dr. Paul Zak, you need at least 8 hugs per day to achieve happiness and more connected as well as it will help nurture relationships. With a hug to your romantic partner, 15-20 seconds, you can achieve a spike in oxytocin levels as well as decrease blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels.

With all the things that we found out about the meanings and kinds of hugs, we are now ready to hug someone that will not make them feel awkward towards you. And with the advantage it gives to our health, do yourself a favor ---- go and enjoy hugging!   

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