Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Rare Jewel Of The Far East – The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday

When the seven emirs formed the United Arab Emirates in 1971 they didn’t imagine how their small country would rise from the dust of the Arabian desert. The state or the emirate of Dubai became its most prominent area known to the world today. Strategically located along the Persian Gulf its white sandy beach welcomed fabulous five-star hotels and internationally acclaimed resorts like the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday . Dubai boosted its economy in the last ten years since the turn of the millennium and it is visible with the record-breaking infrastructure projects undertaken that was featured in Discovery Channel and The Guinness World Records television shows as well as known TV news networks.

 The Burj Khalifa now the tallest building in the world is a testament of Dubai’s greatness, hotels and fancy restaurants, hundreds of gift shops, towering office buildings and sky scrapers, four and eight lanes highways that stretch for miles, overpass and underpass, subway trains, man-made beach and shoreline beautification reconstructions, indoor ice skiing, large first class swimming pools that compliments the vast white sand beach and many more.

Among the best hotels the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday gets a five star reputation from both its customers and critics. The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday also owns its private beach resort and an outdoor pool which also gives the classy hotel rooms a partial or a full view of the beautiful crystal clear blue-green waters. The accommodations are superb and the staff is as helpful as they could be according to one patron who has had several visits to the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday, another happy customer even noted that the breakfast was great here!

 But it’s the hotel’s location that makes the customer’s stay more pleasurable, after all whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation you will be wondering around the hotel and its surrounding sceneries and that’s where the fun starts. Think of it as the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday being your private rented home away from home for a week or so and the various recreational establishments as your own personal fun-town.

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday is surrounded by fancy restaurants like the famous Italian Pachanga that guests have mentioned over and over of their exquisite cuisine. The ‘Golden Mile’ is also near the hotel in which houses the first class residential area for sale. The area known as ‘The Walk’ is where over 350 shops are located, here you can buy presents for your loved ones, boss, friends, special someone, husband or wife. You may also enjoy playing golf in the Emirates Golf Club and swing like a pro or indulge yourself with fun in the water in the ‘Wadi Water Park’.

The ‘Ski Dubai’ is also among the attractions located nearby where you could go indoor skiing if you miss doing it in Canada or the Alps in Switzerland. However, if you prefer an indoor relaxing activity you could simply go to the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday’s spa with six treatment rooms to choose from it’s worth it all. The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday has four meeting rooms for corporate executives; it also has a large ballroom for grand parties or a ball and beautiful landscaped gardens. All these amenities makes the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday the perfect place to set up your business meeting, wedding reception, inaugurating a new business or product for sale.

There are only a handful of five-star hotels that give you the best out of everything and Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday stepped up to the challenge and proved themselves. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday gives you the best accommodations, quality and good staff, the best view no matter what room you will be choosing and the best location, as a matter of fact it is highly unlikely that a customer could ask for more. Their room accommodations range from the king deluxe suit  to the king panoramic view or the king executive suit of which are all excellent choice according to your budget stretch.

 The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday also features their world class amenities such as audio/visual equipment rental, cellular phone rental, complimentary printing service, express mail, fax, modem, photo copying service, public area wireless internet, secretarial service, video conferencing, babysitting service, car rental desk, foreign currency exchange, multi-lingual staff, safety deposit box, beach, fitness room, pool, sailing, fishing, and of course room service. Rumors about the fine dining in Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday are absolutely true! For chats and cup of tea socialization there’s the Axis Lobby Lounge where you can enjoy talking to family and friends, co-workers or meet a new acquaintances. 

The BiCE Italian restaurant serves the best traditional and modern Italian cuisine for which they are known for their Sicilian rigatoni or the modern alternative carpaccio. The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday also has the Cuban Bar which is inside the Pachanga restaurant. Oceana restaurant is also among its famous dining places that will make the people of Oceana feel at home. The famous Pachanga Italian restaurant and Studio One sports bar, the Wavebreaker and the H2O pool bar and restaurant. The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday truly is the jewel of the Arabian desert and where once people only found sand and hot summer days, now a very beautiful city and a remarkable hotel resort.

Perhaps the only slight disadvantage being in Dubai is the weather especially if you are not used to warm climates, but if you’ve been in famous hotels and beach resorts in South East Asia you’ll notice a peculiarity in the climate.  Even though there are times when it can get really hot like 97 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re going to love it there. But since you’re on vacation might as well try to adapt to it we humans are after all adaptive creatures that’s why we’ve survived this far in the evolutionary chain. Other than the warm climate the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Holiday will make your stay very enjoyable and satisfying.

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