Thursday, May 29, 2014

Guardianship Over Meadow Rain Walker Finalized

Wasn’t it all hard for us to get over Paul Walker’s death last November 2013? His impact on the entertainment industry has left the entirety of his supporters bereft and wondering what transpired between the point when he got into his car and the crash that distorted it to an unrecognizable vehicle. His death came as a shock that stood the world still for a while. But it was all worse for his teenaged daughter, Meadow Rain Walker.

Meadow Rain is Paul walker’s 15 year old daughter with Rebecca Soteros who is currently receiving treatment for her addiction to alcohol. Despite the stated fact, the court believes that since she is now sober, she is already fit to take over in caring for Meadow with a nanny. Rebecca was first arrested for drinking under the influence back in 2003 where she pledged guilty and was then sentenced to three years of probation. She drunk and drove again last August, 3 months before the infamous Paul Walker crash, proving that the time she spent in probation didn’t do her any good. Her drinking and driving habit was the reason behind Meadow Rain moving in with Paul shortly before he passed away. Isnt it ironic then that the child moved away from alcoholism and the bad habits that came with it only to find herself grieving for a father who was rumoured to be drunk when he drove to his death? Anyhow, we all still wish none of it happened to the actor we all admire dearly.

The court has also assigned another close friend of Paul’s to make sure that the kid receives proper care and all the attention a grieving teenager needs after a great loss.

David J. Cowan, the Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner, dismissed the guardianship case over Meadow Rain Walker after Amy Neiman, an attorney assigned to represent the teenager, insisted that the guardianship plan – which deligates Rebecca Soteros as Meadow Rain’s guardian -- doesn’t require any stand-off in court as it is adequate in every way. It was Paul Walker’s mother, Cheryl, who petitioned for a guardianship right over her beloved granddaughter. She thought it was best for Meadow Rain to live with her than with Rebecca Soteros, the 15 year old’s estranged mother who is still recovering from alcohol addiction. Cheryl Walker later on dropped the case in accordance to Meadow Rain’s wishes and accepted the arrangement in hopes for the “better plan” to pan out for the child. It’s either Meadow Rain didn’t want anything more to worry about, like a stressful court case, or she whole-heartedly wanted to live with her mother after her father’s demise.

Paul Walker’s “Fast And Furious” estate bought a home for Meadow Rain, her mother and her nanny where they can all live peacefully; a beautiful act of appreciation for Paul’s hardworkin all the Fast AndFurios movies he was in. Paul is now resting in peace knowing that he left his daughter with a 25 million dollar support.

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