Friday, May 30, 2014

Miley Cyrus’ Decent Side Still Exists

When we hear Miley Cyrus’ name, what we initially picture is an adorablesongwriter and actress who surprised us all when she decided to chop off her beautiful brunette curls and shred her Disney image for a more provocative, risqué and tattooed version of herself who loves to put her tongue out in music videos. We find nothing wrong with how she prefers to present herself as today, it was just the sudden turn of events that caught not only her supporters, but the whole world as a whole off guard. 

Along with her drastic change in image came a 360 degree turn in how she writes her music – from fun to sexual.Nevertheless, her songs have been and still are worthy of all the major awards offered to only the best artists in the industry.

It was on the night of May 27 during the 2014 World Music Awards at the Sporting Monte-Carlo in Monte Carlo, Monaco that she made everybody’s jaw drop by showing up in a decent – yes, you read it right – silver Kaufman Franco Fall 2014 collection gown that features a high neckline, long sleeves with a  floor-length finish. It was the tight fitting of the gown that emphasized her slender body and added sensuality to the conservative vibe of the dress. She wore the gown with expensive Lorraine Schwartz jewellery and a seductive pair of Versace shoes. That night, she went to the event as a nominee for several significant awards andwalked out of the event center with two trophies on hand for Best Pop Video (Wrecking Ball) and Best Female Act. 

When she went up on stage to perform a beautiful rendition of the mentioned song, she opted for a floral-printed strapless GiambattistaValli Fall 2012 collection gown that boasted an ethereal feel and a complimentary hue. She chose to perform a “twerked” rendition of the mentioned song with only a piano as an accompaniment. It was said to be a very captivating version of the originally more upbeat song. Miley Cyrus sang the piece with intense emotions and sincerity.

She would always look hot as hell – but at times also too inappropriate -- in all her skin-revealing outfits that we mostly see her dressed up in, but at the night of the 2014 World Music Awards we see a strikingly beautiful, and more importantly, a decent version of the songstress the whole world has come to look up to for her music. Who would have thought Miley Cyrus still had a little bit of decency in her already erratic system?

Moving on from how surprising her outfit at the awards show was, what would a beautiful 21 year old superstar do at an international event without a date? It was Miley’s brother, Braison Cyrus who went with her to the event and stood by her side as they took pictures and posted all of them on instagram with "My hawt date #wukongz (sic)" as one of the captions.

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