Friday, June 6, 2014

E! Has Proven That It Does Take GutzTo Be A Gutierrez

E! has announced quite some time ago about the airing of “It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez” reality tv show starring the controversial but well-loved Filipino celebrity family consisting of the actor Eddie Gutierrez, Annabelle Gutierrez, former beauty queen RuffaGuttierez and her daughtersLorin and Venice, GMA superstar Richard Gutzierrez, and his twin brother slashfashion icon, Raymund Gutierrez.

“It Takes GutzTo Be A Gutierrez” is another first for the entertainment news magnate, E! as it is the first SouthEast Asian reality show ever to be produced. The Gutierrez family has regained their popularity – not like they ever lost it – by becoming the first Asian family to be featured in a reality show. The show gives the public the opportunity to access the dramatic life of the Gutierrez clan through a no-holds-barred six-episode reality series. The family as a whole admitted that it was a privilege to do a show with E! and described the experience of being featured in an international show as a “dream-come-true.”

The reality tv show bears all and hides nothing from the public eye. At the press conference of “It Takes GutzTo Be A Gutierrez”, the matriarch of the family, Annabelle Gutierrez, confessed that the hardest part of the show for her was speaking in straight English while the most exciting part was her being able to show off her jewellery collection to the millions of people watching. The Annabelle Gutierrez we all know hasn’t changed an iota since we last heard from her, has she?

The series is said to include the cruise that the whole Gutierrez brood spent together including brothers Elvis, Ritchie Paul, and Rocky. 

The most shocking revelation so far during the “It Takes A Gutz to be a Gutierrez” opening that aired last Sunday, June 1st, is Richard’s confirmation of his and girlfriend Sarah Lahbati’s baby boy. Richard Gutierrez has denied the fact that Sarah left the country because of her pregnancy while emphasizing that he and his girlfriend are both proud parents of their handsome baby Zion. Richard has cleared the air by stating that: ““The main reason why we didn’t want to announce that I’m having a baby with Sarah was because we didn't want to make Sarah's pregnancy a tabloid circus. We get to share baby Zion with everyone in our own terms.”

It was when Sarah temporarily left showbiz and accordingly flew to Switzerland to study that the rumours started to go around like crazy about her being pregnant with Richard Gutierrez’s baby. Her decision to move out of the country occurred at the same time when she fought a legal battle against GMA Executive Annette Gozon.

Sarah Labhati and Richard Gutierrez’s initial reaction to them finding out about the pregnancy was described as “scared” as it was frightening for both of them to confess to both their parents about the blessing that came too early. They first time they found out about baby Zion’s conception was when they were vacationing in the city of lights in 2012.

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