Friday, June 6, 2014

Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s Surrogate Suffer A Miscarriage

Giuliana and Bill Rancic have long before promised their reality show viewers of a shocking season finale and when the episode finally aired on international television, the revelation took us aback and crushed all of our hearts.

Giuliana and Bill have gone through a lot of procedures to increase their chances of getting pregnant. They both searched high and low, state after state, and doctor after doctor for answers to their inability to naturally conceive a child but to no avail. The gravity of their burden pushed them to a near breaking point after Guiliana was diagnosed with breast cancer. The whole world witnessed how much the couple both fought together as Giuliana drove fast into escaping the nightmare we all call cancer.With God’s grace, the blessing we have all been praying very hard and long enough for came on August 29, 2012, as Guiliana and Bill welcomed their first born via a gestational carrier after three unsuccessful in-vitro attempts. Bill revealed that it felt like they hit the surrogate lottery after meeting Delphine who bore Edward “Duke” Rancic. 

Ever since surviving cancer, Giuliana has become a renowned spokeswoman about breast cancer and early detection.

Now that Giuliana and Bill’s son is already turning two, they both decided that it was the best timing for them to expand their family. But only nine weeks into Delphine’s pregnancy,the unexpected happened. The dreadful news of a miscarriage shook the viewers when it was revealed during the couple’s reality show’s season finale. The Rancics admitted that since they were pretty close to getting into the safe zone of pregnancy, the loss of their second child saddened and emotionally drained them as it wasn’t something that they saw coming. Regardless of the many setbacks they have continuously experienced over time, the power couple has never ceased to amaze us with how they both remain strong and focused on the setting their eyes on the brighter side of life. Bill has reassured everybody by saying, “In times like this we rely on our faith. Once the tears went away we started to look towards the future."

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rancic have not given up in trying to give their son Duke a sibling. Bill insisted that he and Giuliana are fighters and that they will both battle the odds out until Delphine is physically ready and willing to give baby number two another shot. Now that’s the spirit, Rancic! 

Giuliana thanks her supporters by saying, "We are incredibly appreciative of all the love and support from our viewers who have been on our journey for the past seven seasons and hope to have good news to share with everyone soon. We have had our share of ups and downs and our faith is strong therefore we know in the end, everything will be OK."
Through the years and all the Giuliana and Bill seasons, E!’s power couple has proved to us that each unfortunate event that takes them a step backwards drives them two steps forward.

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