Saturday, June 21, 2014

Improve your Website with these Top 3 SEO Tips

In the past entrepreneurs fought for market competition by creating video ads for TV, audio ads for radio and text ads for print media. Today there’s that thing called SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” and it is better than old school marketing – way way better.

This generally means more traffic to your site/ SEO, in a way, is just like ancient ads – they saturate the market for a certain business as much as possible – except this time it is done on the web. The rationale behind this is to get as close to the first page of search engines like Google and Bing as possible, so that when users make a query your site will be listed first, which will essentially give you more customers.

Of course there are serious web masters who can do SEO like a Jedi. But did you know there are some basic SEO stuff that you could do and has been proven to work also?

These 3 SEO tips should get you started:

Use Keywords

Now the first thing to know about SEO is to find out where your website ranks among popular search engines. And oh yes, you will also need to first create a website before do a page rank check otherwise it will not work. A new site will usually rank as far as 14 millionth – that’s 13.99 million ranks from the first rank!

Once you’ve figured this out, then you need to choose a niche where you will base your website on. If you’re on the wrist watch business, then you should probably name your site with something that defines wrist watches. After that you’ll need to do a keyword research. Find all relevant keywords to “wrist watch” and select those with the lowest competition rate, because the higher ones will be very difficult to use as thousands of established websites are already using them.

Compile all the keywords in a spreadsheet for later use and remember, never use too much on your website or the content you’ll create. This is because you will be penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing and instead of getting ranked you’ll be banned.

For instance your keyword is “rado watches,” you can sprinkle it throughout your website (i.e. the home page description, the about us page, or on the content itself). Basic SEO guidelines suggests that you use a keyword between 2-5 times per paragraph in your content. Anything more than that is suicide.

Create High Quality and Engaging Content

Remember all those keywords that you saved in a spreadsheet? Well this is what you’ll use it for! So, write great content, use keywords appropriately and upload them on your website. Content is great is your website has a blog on it because you’ll be able to use these keywords more often.

Aside from the content for your website and your blog you will also need to syndicate your articles in order to market your website more. So this is like old school advertising and you’re using the blog posts as a TV or radio ad to tell the world that you’ve just created your website and it has lots of good stuff on it that people want to see. Continue reading to find out more about why you’ll need to syndicate your articles.

Don’t Forget to Create Backlinks to Your Main Site

Article syndication is nothing more than submitting articles on article directory sites to drive web traffic to your site. In this case; however, the keywords that you used becomes the “anchor text” in which you embed the link to your webpage, so that when people read your articles and they hover the cursor over the anchor text they can click it and instantly visit your website.

The more visitors your website gets the higher you rank in search engines and you will get more potential customers who will buy your wrist watches. So now you know basic SEO.

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