Friday, June 6, 2014

Kim Kardashian Not Happy With Ireland Honeymoon Escapade

The world just couldn’t get enough of the newlyweds and the succeeding plans they have arranged for themselves. After the sought after, star-studded, and extravagant Kanye West and Kim Kardashiantying of the knot last May 24 at the Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, Kanye West decided to surprise his beautiful wife with their trip to Emerald Isle in Ireland. That should sound exciting and romantic, shouldn’t it? After all, honeymoons are supposed to be pleasant periods of time at the start of a fresh relationship when both parties are at their most euphoric phase. But it seems like Kim Kardashian, now Mrs. West, isn’t a bit thrilled about spending some intimate time with her husband on an isolated island that is miles away from home.

A trusted source reports that Kim confessed to her mother, Kris Jenner, while on her honeymoon about how much she is craving for the feel of shopping on an island that lacks luxury. She would complain to Kris over the phone about being bored and the fact that there are limited to zero high end retailers on the island. Kanye West planned a bike riding outing for the both of them but couldn’t handle the stress by themselves so they decided to bring two assistants with them. The five-star hotel that the couple stayed in while they were at Cork, Ireland wasn’t enough for Kim. 

The most famous among all the Kardashians has gotten so used to the lifestyle she lives as an international reality superstar that she has forgotten how to handle simple things on her own. I bet my bank account on her riding a bike with full make-up, what say you?

Kris Jenner has allegedly tried to convince her daughter to make the most out of the time with her new husband and at the same time calm her cravings down to a much submissive state but to no avail. Kim Kardashian wasn’t in the mood to hear her mother’s rants especially after Kanye revealed his plans of flying to Dublin to experience a private tour of Trinity College. Kim, with all her persuasive powers, urged Kanye to cancel the trip as the idea of going on a trip to a museum would only wear her off and further bore her to death. There isn’t much going on with Kim Kardashian other than shopping. Poor Kanye, he’s been trying so hard to impress his dreamgirl with everything his money could buy and his love could offer.

Kim Kardashian has lived under the spotlight for so long, flaunting her curves draped with only the most expensive designer clothes, living in multi-million dollar houses, driving high-end cars, and dining in five star restaurants that she has easily forgotten how important it is to stay grounded regardless of what fame and fortune brings.

Radar Online reports that Kim Kardashian flew back to her sanctuary, Los Angeles, last Sunday. The couple’s spokespersons had not commented on the issue during the press conference.

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