Sunday, August 9, 2015

Benefits of Adding Landscaping to your Commercial Property

They say that people often pass judgement on almost anything they interact with based on superficial constructs. It is commonly known as “the first impression,” and all first impressions become the common denominator, meaning all future assessment of a person or an object will be measured against the first impression.


For example, if you went on a date with a pretty woman and she finds that your attitude is based on her outward appearance, she will not be interested in you because she thinks you’re shallow, and that will be her first impression of you. No matter how hard you’ll try to be sincere, she will always be cautious about you because her first impression of you will always come to mind. And there may be no way of winning her heart at all.

The same is true with residential and commercial real estate property. Buyers will base their judgement on how attractive and comfortable the property is to them before making a commitment to purchase it.

first impression

Even back in ancient times people understood the need for landscaping in palaces and public buildings. Having a professional landscape architect oversee the landscaping on your commercial property will greatly improve place of business. Guests and employees will feel more welcomed each time they go to your office. The fact of the matter is that you are a busy person and you need to oversee almost everything in your business, so let a professional worry about the landscaping than you. You can get great landscaping services from most landscaping companies which includes:


  • Landscape Management
  • Snow Removal Services
  • Irrigation
  • Turf Management

In order to create a lasting impression, you’ll need year-round care for your commercial property. As seasons change they bring all sorts of blessings and, at times, debris like green grass during summer and spring and dried leaves in autumn as well as snow in winter. We will maintain absolute beauty to your place of business. We understand that it’s an investment on your part, because you’d want to please other people as much as yourself in this case. Aesthetics are equally important as location. You will actually save more money if you pay for consistent landscape and property maintenance, than the opposite of it.

landscaping water garden

If you’re still not convinced, then just look at the benefits of having landscaping maintenance on your commercial property here!


  • Creating a positive first impression and a welcoming atmosphere
  • Attract potential customers by enhancing curb appeal
  • Increasing rental revenues by beautifying the area
  • Besides basic investment capital, you will create additional income resources as a result of the aesthetics of your commercial property
  • Your place of business will always have customers or tenants
  • You will spend less on maintenance
  • The property resale value will be 5% - 20% appraised
lawn maintenance service landscaping
We here at Seasonal Landscaping Solutions have green approach to lawn care to our customer’s satisfaction. Everybody loves nature, right? Our methods usually involves creating an environmentally friendly place, making your property a safer; and the use of organic or organic based fertilizers.

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