Saturday, August 8, 2015

Travelling Through The Mediterranean Coast

Along the Mediterranean coast encircles three different continents namely - Europe, Asia and Africa - which lies the best Mediterranean spots one could ever imagine. It offers thrills for a venture of escape to historic predicaments to a night-spot romance with a perfect climate to set the mood. If you think Mediterranean destinations a long time ago were nothing but plain old ruins, prehistoric boredoms and olive trees, but now with historians and archaeologists sparking old flames of nostalgic feelings, it has become the most visited places on Earth. This ancient beauty has something more profound than the places we usually dream about.

mediterranean beach

Greece is popularly known for its gods and goddesses from their polytheistic agrandizing mythology - like the mighty Zeus who ruled the world and owned our books. It also draws the largest percentage of tourists, because of its diverse population and atmosphere which makes one island unique from anothert. But aside from its rich culture, you have to see the pristine waters carved along the steep cliffs of Navagio Beach, at Zakynthos, that’s perfect for people starving for adventure.
A paradise underneath the rocky edges of the cave will have your soul flying in Kefalonia’s Melissani Cave. It’s a pristine lake hiding itself from the rough face of the cave with a big hole cowering above it, where light passes through, and boats that came in here almost look like they’re floating!


Well of course, Greece wouldn’t just let you go without exploring its opulent Santorini. A volcanic island where white houses carved in a spectacular architecture, standing proud on the cliffs captures you instantly. The warm hospitality of the local owners makes it the favorite destination of tourists- and possibly by the gods, too. The resorts here define luxury and romance in a divine perspective.

Not because Greece is branded as the “Old World” is it so quite that you might just miss taking off the spotlight for getting smoking hot on the dance floor. The islands Mykonos, Mallorca and Ibiza are known for its vibrant nightlife and party atmosphere and music bars. Ibiza, in particular, is known for its humongous decadent discos for party-lovers.

mediterranean house

But Mediterranean has more than what Greece had to show off. If you ever think about the fantastic sands of Hawaii, surfing waves of California or the popular beaches of Mexico, pack your bags and explore the Mediterranean coasts.

Did you think only Hawaii has (grammar check or maybe just typo error) got beaches that pulls off different colors? If pink is your hue then we got the perfect beach for you! Italy’s Spiaggi Rossa is a beach with pink-colored sand adorning the blue waters that attracts tourists with its pinkish beauty. 

mediterranean food

And if you just can’t get enough of gold, the Golden Beach of Karpas, Cyprus has a whole beach for you. Here, the Syrian coast is a viewing neighbor where green sea and loggerhead turtles are your friendly visitors stopping by to lay their eggs.

Of course who doesn’t love white sands? SpiaggiasuGiudeu of Italy is a marvelous beach in the South of Sardinia. Rock formations rise above the luscious blue waters where you might just meet your first flamingo friend on a summer day!

When your feet itch to hit the board and ride the waves and fly to Croatia’s Zlatni Rat. It’s a popular beach that it could get crowded during summer- a perfect time to show off your surfing moves!

mediterranean village

If you ever want to fall in love like Helen of Troy and Paris or like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, then this is the best destination. Mediterranean’s calm atmosphere will set you going to kneeling on one bended knee, opening that tiny box wrapped in a beautiful lace to give a diamond ring to your dearly beloved. You could also sit in a coffee table for a lazy morning, listening to classics while chit chatting an old fisherman. And for a cold evening breeze, you can enjoy a toast on a romantic coast. Or you can just simply fall in love with Mediterranean’s rhythm of peacefulness and forget that time exists.

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