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Top 10 Wedding Venues That You Need To Consider When In Samui, Koh Samui

Thailand has been unanimously voted by expats and travel enthusiasts as one of the top 100 tourist hotspots in the world, and it is also one of the top wedding venues for couples who plan to settle down and get married. The white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of this tropical country is what attracts most foreigners from all over the world. Living affordably and at ease, meeting hospitable and friendly locals, rich sumptuous meals at just about every corner of the country will make any visitor want to stay here for good! It is often compared to the Caribbean and other beautiful countries in Latin America, the Pacific islands, Maldives, Boracay and other tropical paradise on the planet.

If you plan to have a grand wedding ceremony and celebration, then here are 10 best places to pick when you’re in Samui, Koh Samui, Thailand.

1.) Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui Thailand (Ang Thong)
The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, now there’s a famous name in creating comfortable places even when you’re far away from home. The one they’ve built in Koh Samui though is ten times more accommodating! This place is surrounded by pristine luxury and wonders of Nature that it will make you feel like royalty. You have the option to pick various types of accommodations such as villas, private residences and golf-view rooms. They offer services like multi-line telephone(s) with voicemail, internet access, entertainment, bed and bath and multiple theme wedding venues.

2.) Six Senses Samui
The Six Senses luxury resort is a place like paradise, but one that leads you to Nirvana. It is exactly as they marketed it, serene, luxurious and has the ambience of awe and wonder like seeing a white sand beach and bluish-green sea water for the very first time! Booking a reservation here for your wedding will have a quite different expectation than normal, that’s because they’ll offer you to get a tour around the Samui Island as well as the ocean and other islands surrounding it; so it will be quite an adventure. They have great amenities and service. You can be sure that you and your guests will enjoy this place.

3.) Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa
Another great place to celebrate your romance is in Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa! The topography of the place is one to marvel at and like most resorts in Samui, Thailand, they have front row seats to the most exquisite ocean view that the world has to offer. The resort’s best highlights include;

•    Inspired Engagements
•    Inspired Weddings
•    Inspired Honeymoons

As you can see they covered everything. You can actually celebrate love 3 times over! You’ll also love their spas service and other amenities.

4.) Chaweng Regent Beach Resort
When you think of Samui, Thailand, you’ll think of a beach wedding theme and Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is the best place to go to realize that kind of dream wedding. The mood in this beach resort is one that matches the gods and their domains, because you’ll get royal treatment wherever you go. The beautiful villas and royal suites are reminiscent of ancient royal courts and palaces with added modern touch to it. They have a variety of services and amenities including 2 freshwater swimming pools, a fitness center & health club, luxurious spas, beauty salons and more! Living here feels relaxed and the pace of life is slow which you will easily get used to in no time.

5.) Bo Phut Resort & Spa (Bophut)
Much like Chaweng Regent Beach Resort, Bo Phut Resort & Spa is situated near the beach which is also great for a beach wedding theme. In fact, 6 out of 10 couples choose beach wedding ceremonies than any other wedding themes in the books. So, if you’ve selected Bo Phut Resort & Spa for your wedding, then you’ve actually made the right choice. This beach resort has a great ambience, is also surrounded by pristine waters and natural beauty; and if you’ll add the artificial amenities and services plus great accommodations, then I should say that it’s nothing less than perfect. You definitely must check this place out!

6.) Hansar Samui Resort (Bophut)
The main highlight of Hansar Samui Resort (Bophut) is its large rectangular freshwater swimming pool that complements the white sand beach and turquoise blue waters that’s just a stone’s throw away from it! The mood here is intoxicatingly beautiful; I think that you’ll get waves of amnesia at first sight of this place as its beauty will invade the hollow spaces of your mind. They have great accommodation that a five-star hotel can give, they’ve got restaurants and bars, spas and recreational centers, and of course, an enthralling place where to setup your wedding.

7.) Banyan Tree Samui (Lamai Beach)
Imagine a place where you’ll walk out into the terrace/balcony of your hotel suite and get a great view of the blue-green waters of a white sand beach and just farther off of your view are rocky cliffs, not so tall, just enough to make you appreciate how nature carved it. Then further inland is lush vegetation and coconut palm trees...that’s what’s it like when you stay at Banyan Tree Samui (Lamai Beach)! You will find their wedding accommodation fees a lot cheaper than other hotels in Samui Island. But just how can you complain about a place that has the ambience of both Mother Nature’s best and man-made aesthetics? It’s just impossible. You’ll get none of that from me if it was my wedding party. To sum it all up, Banyan Tree Samui (Lamai Beach) is simply the best.

8.) New Star Beach Resort (Chaweng)
New Star Beach Resort is shy short of information about their hotel; however, if you’ll look at the photo gallery of their website, then instantly the pictures will tell you a great story. It’s as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and they’ve got a lot of pictures! The food is great, the services and amenities that they have is on par with other high-class hotels, their spas are to die for, they have sports and recreational centers and the beach wedding theme they offer is just beyond words. It’s like an outdoor wedding where you’ll have lots of fun and yet at the same time you will cherish the memories of having your wedding celebrated there. That’s the kind of mood you’ll get when you’ll stay at the New Star Beach Resort.

9.) Amari Koh Samui (Chaweng)
Whoever is the architect of Amari Koh Samui Hotel deserves a medal for being the best of the best! The soft texture of the design of the guest rooms and how they used wood to incorporate in their design amplifies its aesthetics. No matter how bad your current mood is, it will change instantly into a healthy state the minute you walk past the door to your room. There’s no other way to describe it, I don’t know what to say, the place is bafflingly beautiful and if I could, I’d pay to stay there for years! They have a special 20% discount offer if you’ll book your reservation 30 days early.

Planning to have your wedding celebration here is a very good decision that you will be glad for the rest of your life.

10.) Sandalwood Luxury Villas (Maret)
Sandalwood Luxury Villas offers various kinds of wedding themes which include western, Thai and beach wedding themes. They have incredible package deals which are the;

1.)    Easy package
2.)    Romantic getaway
3.)    Perfect honeymoon
4.)    Spa lover
5.)    Honeymoon and spa

Your accommodation and stay will vary between 3 – 10 nights and will depend on the type of package you have purchased. The ambience of this hotel is great and can compete with any other five-star hotels in the world. They offer great dining experience, weddings and other activities.

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