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Home Sellers - Home Improvements vs. Home Remodeling (Chicago suburban homes)

There’s this line in a song that few may have heard of and it goes like this, “the harm of words is sometimes we don’t quite know what they really mean…” – excerpts from “These Ordinary Days” by Jars of Clay. The artist couldn’t be any more correct when he wrote these words, because in architecture we reserve distinctions and definitions for the appropriate word(s) they describe. Take for instance, the words “home improvement” and “home remodeling,” on Home Sellers - Home Improvements vs. Home Remodeling (Chicago suburban homes) they seem so interchangeable that people would use them bromidically that the meaning of two separate terms blur into one.

Word Terms
In order to avoid such confusion and to clear up all misconceptions let us then define the words to what they really mean. The first word which is

“Improve/renovate” means to restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; repair; to invigorate; refresh; revive.

And the second word which is

“Remodel” means to alter the structure of (i.e. a building, house, barn, warehouse, etc.).

Well now that verbal obstacle has been cleared up and understood, let us address the main topic of this article - Home Sellers - Home Improvements vs. Home Remodeling (Chicago suburban homes) - which had home sellers scratching their heads. Which would be better? Selling a house that has undergone home renovation or selling a house that has been remodeled?

What do the Experts Say?

According to Ron Phipps, principal owner of Phipps Realty in Warwick, Rhode Island; the home seller’s primary goal is to impress buyers and, if necessary, get them to pay a little bit more for the home value of the property you’re selling. But choosing between renovating or remodeling is much more complicated than it seems, and you need to consider the costs and returns should you decide to pick either one of these options. Michael Hydeck, owner of Hydeck Design Build Inc. in Philadelphia home improvement is a much cheaper option compared to home remodeling.

He should know after all, he was president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for 5 years. On the other hand, the disadvantage of renovating your house is that you have nothing new to offer buyers. This is not good for Home Sellers - Home Improvements vs. Home Remodeling (Chicago suburban homes) as the goal is to get your real estate property appraised. Your house will retain its design and features from some 10 years ago, it will be bland and you’ll have buyers bargaining for the asking price of your house. I guess you’ll have to settle with what Sal Alfano, editorial director for Remodeling Magazine about finding a middle ground between home improvement and home remodeling.

Home Improvement-Remodeling Fusion Fix Tips
Renovating your house will clip your wings on creativity and remodeling your house might cost you a lot of money, so why not do both instead? Yes, that’s exactly what Alfano is suggesting home sellers do in order to appraise the value of their houses on the market, while keeping the cost to improve their houses to a minimum. You may want to look into some of these tips below:

  • Pruning the Landscape – Having a beautifully done landscape is not only good for the eyes of the buyer, but it will make your house look more expensive than it is. So, hire a landscaping company and have them upgrade your lawns.
  • Focus on Updated Interior Design – Basically the exterior walls, windows and roofing are easier to fix than the interior of the house. You may need to hire an interior designer and ask their opinion on which parts of the house needs improvement. For example, the bathroom sink, shower head, toilet bowl, glass door etc. will be made to look like those of 5-star hotels for maximum comfort and style. Or the kitchen needs remodeling as well as the bedrooms. These things add value to your home even though the original floor plan hasn’t changed. Those Home Sellers - Home Improvements vs. Home Remodeling (Chicago suburban homes) considering their options will find value in updating the interior of their homes before selling them.
  • Make it Spacious yet Comfortable – Efficiency and indoor traffic is what engineers, architects and interior designers are most concerned about when remodeling homes. People living in a house should be able to move freely and not encounter difficulty in corners or hallways, especially if they’re transporting objects from one corner of the house to another. From the furniture, TV stand, flower vase stand, the kitchen’s island, bedroom etc. it has to be placed in a way that fosters comfort and ergonomics.
  • Add Modern Stylistic Edge for Aesthetics – Modern houses have more angles and curves compared to traditional house designs that have arches and rectangular doors. Making angular hallway entrances and doors will definitely improve the overall aesthetics of your home’s interior, thus adding value to it once again. For Home Sellers - Home Improvements vs. Home Remodeling (Chicago suburban homes) perspective becomes a game changer in this case.

Home Sellers be at the Ready to Sell your House!
Now that you have some idea on how to renovate and remodel your home in order to sell it at a higher price than the average, you may want to start consulting with experts. Of course, have your realtor take a look at it too! Some people were able to make 30% - 45% more than the current appraised value of houses in Illinois and other Chicago suburban areas. Home Sellers - Home Improvements vs. Home Remodeling (Chicago suburban homes) now you have a more comprehensive option and can choose to either improve or remodel your house and –better yet – get it appraised at a higher value.

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